About Safia

As a nationally published journalist, writer and communications strategist, I specialize in helping brands bring their unique message to the forefront. With a natural ability to spot a solid story, and a good eye for what makes people pay attention, I capture the essence of brands to create a voice that really speaks to their audience. Whether I’m ghostwriting creative and compelling copy for publication in notable outlets like Huffington Post and Forbes or crafting a persuasive speech to amplify your message, I bring fresh ideas and a sharp eye for what’s trending in news and pop culture, all delivered in a crystal clear brand voice.

But it’s not just what you say, it’s where you say it. My public relations and media relation strategies have helped professionals in various industries, from Olympians to educators, maximize their visibility and elevate their brands. I coordinate speaking engagement outreach to give clients the best opportunities to share their stories and expertise on big stages, both digital and physical.

I’ve secured press coverage for clients in media outlets of note including CBC News & Radio, Rogers Television, NecoleBitchie.com, ByBlacks.com and more.

As co-founder of New Girl on the Block Enterprises, a mentorship program where I coach millennial
women in finding their voice, creating killer content, and developing brand recognition, I’ve learned to recognize excellence and give it the perfect platform. Whether you’re a millennial entrepreneur looking to give your brand the extra oomph it needs to turn heads, or an executive full of ideas but short on time, I’m dedicated to helping you shine. You are where you are because you are already brilliant. My goal is to empower you to let others see it.

Here’s what you can do today: