Pauleanna Reid

About Pauleanna

Pauleanna Reid is a multi-passionate millennial entrepreneur who has excelled as a Nationally Published Journalist, Amazon Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker. Looking to expand her budding presence in the media and with her audience, Pauleanna is looking for ongoing media relations and community development.


The Objectives

  • Build community partnerships & book speaking engagements
  • Content strategy and copywriting
  • Ongoing media relations

The Results

Successful Book Launch

Successfully planned & hosted her debut novel book launch at Pantages Hotel to 100+ attendees

Booked Speaking Engagements

Regular speaking engagement bookings

Publicity in major outlets

Media placements in: two Rogers TV segments,, Coco Magazine, Urbanology Magazine, Professional Young Thing Blog

“Safia always demonstrates a positive attitude and amazing work ethic. I have hired her on more than one occasion to take on freelance assignments and she delivers incredible results every time.

She also has an excellent publicity background and consistently engages her audience and meets the needs of her clients. She is talented, innovative and trustworthy.” – Pauleanna Reid